Valorant’s new character will fly in

Riot Games has rearranged its plans a bit in terms of the content of Act 3. That’s not much to worry about either: the new valorant agent is sure to run in October.

Season 3 of the Valorant Act begins on October 13. The launch of which will be crown with the release of a new track, the Icebox. Of course, the line of fresh content doesn’t end there, the most exciting piece. The arrival of the next valorant agent is even further away. Fortunately, not much is to be expected from him, as he will also arrive on October 27th.

We have almost no official info about the character yet, but we have already seen two pictures of him. On one, he holds a bird on his right shoulder while green flames gnaw at his left arm. The lady is posing in a military outfit with the dominant color being green. If the close-to-nature theme isn’t clear, you might want to take a look at the poster below that a green-glowing fox is facing us. From this, we conclude that a new character can either transform into predators in the wild or have many animal mates.

Act 3 will also bring a new battle pass and gunskin anyway, so everyone will have a reason to drive next season.

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History of the game:

It has been slowly five months since Valorant, a shooter that blends the basics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with heroes and abilities, has officially launched. Riot Games is constantly expanding and improving, the initial problems are gone, and it is likely that over time it may become one of the most popular

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