Mobile version of Valorant

Riot’s tactical shooting has been with us for a year, but the studio won’t stop at conquering the PC: the next will be the mobile version of Valorant
A mobile version of Valorant is being developed
It’s been a year since Riot Games ’shooting range, Valorant, whose development team is preparing a plethora of in-game events to celebrate the glorious occasio. The studio’s lead producer Anna Donlon has also made a much more exciting announcement: Riot is working hard to bring Valorant gaming experience on both Android and iOS devices without sacrificing anything from the essence of your tactical shooting.

Donlon himself acknowledge that mobile gamers have different needs. So they will adapt to them, but are unwilling to let go of any of Valorant’s core values.

 “We didn’t start this thing with the statement‘ we’re taking Valorant to mobile ’, but with the very skeptical question that‘ will we be able to put Valorant on mobile? ’. For us, the point is to get the same from the mobile version as From PC. Even so, of course, we know mobile gamers have different needs.

Unfortunately, Donlon not go deeper into the project. We don’t know yet what the differences will be between the two versions. It’s already certain that cross-play will be left out as it’s a unique game design for mobile.

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