Valorant gameplay is difficult, and not just thanks to its insanely accurate targeting system. In the closed beta version so far approx. It turned out to be wandering in two weeks, it’s more than a little annoying.


Valorant’s capabilities don’t make the game easier – in fact, they’re additional mechanics for in-game handling. In CS: GO, you don’t have to worry about being damaged and stunned through a solid wall. Each Valorant representative has their own skills and utilities that are provided to their team. Some agents aim to keep the front line, such as Breach, while others, like Sage, hold a defensive position and support the team.

Learning about each agent and exploiting their maximum potential is key to Valorant’s success. Not only because he could catch the Raze rocket in his face, but agents like Cypher and Sova could destroy their tools. In addition to the abilities of each agent, each gun behaves in its own way. So get ready to spend quite a few hours in the shooting range. Weapons are a matter of personal preference, but the Sheriff is a good way to claim some simple murders early.


Valorant’s map design is ingenious – it further develops the two bombing formats of CS: GO. Haven is first on the map list. Haven offers the ability to unlock additional bombs for sharing, large spins, and a number of game style adaptations. Bind adheres to the tried and true format of the two bomb sites, but has its own unique twist. This map has two one-way teleporters on each side of the map, making transitions and borders significantly easier. These teleporters make a distinctive sound that can hear a fair distance from them, often signaling the intentions of the enemy team. The closed beta saw some aggressive tactics using teleporters to counterfeit a single bomb, only to destroy the next with the help of a teleporter. The final map, Split, is a multi-level map with a basic level, a higher level for tactical positioning, and a tunnel running below the map.

Everyone has their own feelings about each map. Someone who plays a lot in Sage and Breach will find their favorite map in Bind. This allows the enemy team to be forced to go there. Attention, Split is a playground for Raze to tap grenades into narrow aisles and grill them for your team. Valorant gameplay has a problem rotating map sets. The same map can often get stuck for an hour. Sure, you can play Mirage on CS for hours, but the fact that you’re stuck shooting the three goals of Haven over and over again is no fun. However, in the midst of this frustration, you can learn a lot about replaying the maps as almost every team approaches their attacks and defenses differently.

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