Are you have Valorant fps drop problems?

According to a report by Riot Games, it very much seems that, albeit indirectly, the coronavirus may be behind the fps drop.


Users of online games can be thoroughly annoyed if, for whatever reason, ping creeps into the skies and the fps drop ruins the gaming experience. This phenomenon is also becoming more common in Valorant. This is currently in beta, but it seems to be a common problem. A post from Riot Games was recently publish, which reveale, among other things. This is causing the high pings that have recently intensified.

The game’s technical manager, Dave Heironymus, said one of the biggest problems is cause by the severely increase traffic. Guys are constantly trying to build more and more data centers, but that’s no easy task right now, as there are a lot of countries where it’s not very safe to travel right now. Not directly, but so it seems that the coronavirus is behind the tangles, as there are still plenty of volunteer quarantine due to the epidemic. So it makes sense for more people to spend time with some games than usual. And servers do not always withstand the increased load, and unexpected lags can occur smoothly.

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