Knifes and snowballs await at the Valorant Christmas event

The valorant christmas event:

The time of year has come when everyone in online games can wear a Santa hat, the battlefields are flood with huge gift packages, and gingerbread figures are waving from the windows.

This year, Valorant won’t be left out of the party either: to celebrate the holidays, the developers have dress the Icebox course in full Christmas decorations. Huge lollipops and snowflakes everywhere while we can pour snowballs from our grenade launcher at our friends.

The most important part of the valorant christmas event is the new game mode, which is a 5v5 team deathmatch with snowball throwers. Everyone gets Brimstone’s molotov drill, but instead of flaming liquid, icy bullets have now been add to the flint. Our goal will be to collectively “kill” our team 50 times.


If we get a bullet in the face, we can get up immediately and repay the loan with our own snowball thrower or knife. Yes, we can also show with a knife how touch we are by the spirit of the holiday. The Snowball Fight game mode and the entire Christmas event will be live on Valorant servers tomorrow and will be available until December 29th.

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