Auto chess from League of Legends, Riot Games is got its own

The Riot games auto chess game: Teamfight tactics
The Riot games auto chess game: Teamfight tactics

The popular Dota 2 mod will soon appear in LoL as well

Dota 2 Auto Chess has become such a worldwide success. Teamfight tactics even pushed by the players who have never dotted in their lives. The creator of the original mod has already released the mobile version. The PC version is coming to the Epic Games Store, while Riot Games is also doing its own adaptation.

We can take figures from gold to defeat the incoming enemies. We manage to collect more with one figure at a time, we can upgrade them. It offers simple but infinite tactical depth.

Can i play auto chess on my mobile?

Teamfight Tactics takes it to a new level. Riot Games has announced that the wait is over, we can already enjoy Auto Battler on our smartphones this week.

Last summer, we were able to play for the first time with the League of Legends-themed strategy game. Which has since been a bastion, an unshakable part of the public consciousness. Since the advent of TFT, more than 80 million individual players have tried the game. Making it one of the most played titles in the world.

The closed beta of the mobile version will launch on March 17. Which will only be available to players in the featured regions. If we don’t get into this, there’s no need to be discouraged. The app will be available globally on both iOS and Android from March 19th.

There is no need to be afraid, as you will also need to log in here with your Riot account. All the development we achieve by phone will be able to continue on PC as well. And, of course, this is also true backwards.

Developers have highlighted that TFT is a 100% cross-platform experience, meaning mobile and PC gamers will compete against each other. The difference between the two platforms is that initially the Store and Loot will not be available on TFT Mobile.

So make your phones, because Teamfight Tactics Mobile is coming this week!

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