A senior League of Legends player was taken from an Internet cafe by Chinese police

Police skins

The Challenger-level guy went down to his favorite place, where he was then announced for his high rank. Unfortunately, there were also police officers on the scene and taken from an Internet cafe by Chinese police. A few days ago, on a pleasant summer afternoon, a Chinese Challenger player walked into one of Chongqing’s internet cafes to practice there a bit. It’s like when an Olympic athlete shows up at a local swimming pool, so the owner has also announced the glorious occasion. They stroked the player’s ego, inspired others to practice and learn, and the cafe owner earned well that day.

There is a problem: the player is a circling criminal. Luckily for the other end of the internet cafe, a gentleman named Yihao Zhang relaxed with his buddies, and since this is a big fan of the game for Yihao Zhang, he also went to the master. By the way, Zhang is a cop who was just about to rest. As you can guess, the rest didn’t last long. Zhang recognized the player, called for reinforcements, and not long after, the Challenger was dragg to the nearest police station for attacking a citizen earlier. In China, by the way, it is not uncommon to invite a high-ranking player and announce his arrival. Semi-professionals also make it a fair attraction, and it tends to bring a lot of revenue to the place.

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