This series sweeps everything on Netflix, there’s just a little bump

suicide squid game

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The outrage over Netflix’s new Korean series, Squid Game, is huge - true, it only affects those who watch it with English subtitles. A TikTok user and comedian, Youngmi Mayer argues the caption virtually completely rewrites the meaning of the series and the dialogues.

However, this is only a problem for those who speak Korean on a native level, and Youngmi Mayer is one. And there are about 75 million of them outside of it, though, of which about 25 million North Koreans are barely aware of this series.

However, the erroneous caption could annoy the people of the Far East peninsula all the more, as the South Korean-made Squid Game has become the largest and most watched production on the streaming site at record speeds.

Plus, it’s the series that Tf Sarandos, CEO of Netflix, said at a media conference in Los Angeles in late September that it could very well be Netflix’s most successful non-English-language series. According to the first measurements, the Squid Game precedes the Bridgerton family and is expected to include the best of the French, Lupine - although this non-English-speaking series has been adored all over the world.

Squid Game wins the likes of those who have been passionate about, for example, the Battle of the Hungry, Battle Royale, and the story of The Lord of the Flies. The film industry is pouring such stories out of itself, and now South Korea has also caught up with the cutting edge. Members of the older age group can also recall the frames of the 1987 Runaway Man, and although film technology has evolved a lot since then, human cruelty is eternal, meaning that this type of film will always find its audience.

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