Season 10 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brings a new level

pubg season 10: Haven will be the smallest battlefield in the PUBG, but also much denser at the same time.

Join the battle in the real life also. Here is one helmet for you!

While there use to be a time when millions of players play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam at the same time. It is still the platform’s third most popular game after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. PUBG Studio tries to keep it fresh all the time, the tenth season starts in December.

PCs can jump off Haven, a fictional track for 32 people, from December 16 and consoles from December 17. While normal playgrounds are 8×8, it’s only 1×1, but it’s packed with all sorts of buildings in which to hide.

pubg season 10: Haven isn’t the only novelty: machine-controlled members of the Pillar squad are entering. Riding the area with their own vehicles, helicopters, and carts, hunting for players. Whoever successfully defeats them can get valuable stuff. Our toolbox will also include an umbrella that can be open at any time, which can be activated by jumping from a height to escape awkward situations.

pubg season 10 FPS INFORMATION:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will soon be a great feature that will allow you to run the game on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X at 60 fps in full HD. In addition to current consoles, this Framerate Priority option will also be available on upcoming brand new machines, which means console gamers won’t have to give up the higher frame rate in the next generation.

Framerate Priority will also be available on some of the new generation machines. This will theoretically be 60 fps on the Xbox Series X, but on the Xbox Series S we’ll have to be content with half that, at 30 fps. On PlayStation 5, the game will also reach 60 fps.

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