The Christmas event of Overwatch has started, we have also got a new game mode

The current overwatch winter wonderland event arrived on a regular basis, and with it came new looks, cosmetic little things, and recurring play modes.

Overwatch has dressed in festive mockery with this week’s update. The overwatch winter wonderland 2020 brought back the old Christmas character looks, updated the set with a few new pieces. Brought a new game mode, Freezethaw Elimination.

overwatch winter wonderland
Winterwonderland 2020

However, a smaller horde of winter game modes is now available, as the previous ones (Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Snowball Deathmatch) are all back.

Freezethaw Elimination is a 4v4 fun where opponents freeze the moment they die. Our goal is to freeze the entire enemy team, but it won’t be as easy as teammates can thaw each other.

Once again, there will be weekly challenges that reward participants with a 1-1 festive skin. In the first week Elf Junkrat is the reward, in the second Gingerbread Ana and in the last Frosty Roadhog. In addition to these, there were half a dozen new character looks that we were able to get through the usual way, through Loot Boxes.

Winter Wonderland started

We have some collectables for you!