Halloween terror 2020 – Overwatch halloween event

It could be speculated that Overwatch players would not be left without a Halloween event this year either. The developers are likely to pack a lot of cool skin into the game again. We have to wait until next week to find out everything. With a very cute D.Va skin herald, Blizzard tried to spark interest in this year’s Halloween Terror. As every year, there will be a Halloween event at Overwatch this year.

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We don’t know yet if new game modes are coming (presumably not, as most of the team are working on Overwatch 2. One can always hope), but we’re sure to get a bunch of cosmetic little things. Some also appeared in the event’s announcement trailer. And if you’re already Blizzard: the U.S. World of Warcraft servers, by the way, will also be pre-updated by Shadowlands tomorrow. Couple with the launch of the Overwatch event. This is an almost certain recipe for the systematic execution of Battle.net servers. We only hope that, if there are any problems, they will at least avoid the European region.

Nintendo Switch – halloween

The launch of the event also happens to be the first year anniversary of the game on Nintendo Switch. And as a means of celebration, there will be a free trial for players between now and October 20th, with a 50% off Legendary Edition sale running until October 25th. Switch players will need to be members of Nintendo Switch Online and have a Nintendo account to play the game, however.

Halloween Terror is on now and runs until Tuesday, November 3rd. There’s an event landing page with information on weekly challenges and challenge missions, and we’ve also got a gallery of pretty images and a video after the cut.

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Halloween Terror