Official: Rainbow Six: Siege is included in the Xbox Game Pass

You only have to wait a few days, and subscribers can spin Rainbow Six: Siege on three platforms at once.

Yesterday, one could only guess, but today it has become official that the Xbox Game Pass offer will be expand with one of today’s most popular multis games. Rainbow Six: Siege will be add to the lineup. In addition, you don’t have to wait long, because in exactly three days. On October 22, Siege will be available to Game Pass subscribers.

The massive Siege community of 60 million registered players can expand with newcomers on three platforms. Thanks to Rainbow Six: Siege will also be available on PCs, Xbox consoles and Android mobile devices as part of Game Pass – the latter being Project xCloud. .

So if you haven’t tried Rainbow Six: Siege so far and had a Game Pass subscription, this is a great time to make a replacement. By the way, Siege won’t avoid next-gen consoles either. It will also appear on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – and of course you can take your achievements in the current generation version with you to the new versions. So if you may have designed Series X to buy, you should also start the game now. Rainbow Six: Siege was originally released in April 2015, so its triumph has been going on for more than five full years.