Riot Games wants streamers to talk more about mental health


Riot would tame the toxic fans of its games in a new way. With the League of Legends and Valorant, Riot Games has also managed to put two titles on the table that are regulars among Twitch’s most watched streams. According to TwitchTracker, the two games have ranked 4th and 3rd in the TOP10 rankings in the last 7 days. Together nailing more than 400,000 spectators in front of the screen. However, the keen interest comes with responsibility, which is why the Riot Games are under a lot of pressure to do something against toxic players. To this end, the reporting system has been review in the past. Even voice messages are record in Valorant to make it easier to prove inappropriate behavior. As a continuation of these measures, the latest action by Riot Games should be interpreted as providing mental health awareness materials to content creators and streamers. The developer wants broadcasters to communicate more and more effectively about the topic to their viewers. Which is why they teamed up with a non-profit organization called The Public Good Projects, who provide expertise for the program.

The guide, published free of charge by Riot, includes statistics, discussion methods, and advice on mental health issues. Tailored specifically to the unique perspectives of streamers and online content creators. The project is certainly to be welcome, as cyberbullying can have serious consequences for its sufferers, from eating disorders to drug addiction to suicide.