How to choose the perfect iPhone case?

We have one strong and simple argument for using the iphone case: cases often provide protection for our peppercorn devices from ordinary damage. They protect the display from scratches and increase the overall resistance of the phone, for example in the event of a fall. Of course, their appearance is not a negligible aspect either. The back of the phone doesn’t always look the way you want it to, but you can fix it with a good case.

blue mario iphone case
Blue super mario iPhone case

Tips for choosing a cell phone case / holder:
In most cases, a cell phone case is always designed for a particular type of phone. Otherwise, the cut-out of the case may not fit your phone’s camera. ✔️
Consider using a phone case or holder. ✔️
There are many ways to customize your cell phone case or holder. ✔️

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Basic parameters for selecting the phone case

🔹 Plastic – the most commonly used material to make cases. Flexible and durable enough to give your phone adequate protection
🔹 TPU – a resistant version of plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass
🔹 Polycarbonate (thermoplast) – an ideal material for outdoor use. It is also resistant to temperature fluctuations and average external influences
🔹 Silicone – a thin and inexpensive material that relatively adequately protects the device from impact and other damage. Its great advantage is its flexibility, so the silicone case fits perfectly on the device
🔹 Leather – a stylish and usually slightly more expensive case designed primarily for casual, more elegant clothing and conditions
🔹 Imitation leather – a cheaper version of the original leather, most commonly used for flip cases

iPhone dimensions

The case holds the mobile phone firmly. It is not necessary to purchase the iphone manufacturer’s own branded case, any other manufacturer’s case will fit the device in the same way, as the exact dimensions specified by the phone manufacturers will be used. However, it is important that the case is made specifically for your phone model. Make sure that even the year of manufacture is the same, as some iPhones have the same name, but there may be a few millimeters of difference between each generation.

The edge of the frame
Never underestimate the frame size of your iPhone when choosing cases and holders. Although the frame is one of the most resistant parts of the device (mostly made of metal), the fixed frame of the holder is key to securely attaching it to your phone.

If you have the opportunity, observe how the front and back of the case relate to the frame, so that the case is made in one piece or shows traces of it on it. One-piece cases offer more for your device than multi-piece models. However, it is also true that a multi-piece model is still better than nothing.

Using the iPhone case

This is a feature that is very important for most cases. The purpose for which the case is designed will determine whether it will be a stylish accessory in your handbag or, at most, just a protective accessory that will protect your phone in a hardship environment.

🔸General use – essentially all cases are suitable for the standard protection of a mobile phone in everyday use

🔸Formal events – these are the more elegant models you’ll come across most often with flip cases. They are available in many designs. You can even store your credit card and ID card in it. Flip cases are often pocket-shaped.

🔸Sports, outdoor – truly resilient cases designed for an active lifestyle. This is often reflected in their appearance as well, the practicality is true of them rather than their showy appearance. For this category, you may want to consider what type of sport you want to use it for, as it also affects the shape and characteristics of the case.

Level of protection

The safest choice, the enclosures are designed for outdoor use with reinforced design and often protruding parts, designed to protect the device even in the event of a drop with the display facing down. It provides basic protection against scratches in your bag or desk, and even against slipping, but cheaper silicone cases do the same. However, we are still only talking about protecting the back and sides of the phone. Choose a protective glass, flip case or universal holder to protect the display.

Useful features of the iPhone case

Card pocket – some flip case pockets for one or more cards, these are classified as 2 in 1

Rubberized surface – prevents the device from slipping out of your hand

Wireless Charging Support – Cases / holders generally do not interfere with wireless charging. Exceptions to this are cases / holders with metal elements or with a thickness of more than 5 mm

Stand – a stand integrated in the back of the holder Anti-radiation treatment – Minimizes harmful radiation to your phone by 85-99%