According to a new study, Fortnite makes it more friendly

Friendly fire

And not even Epic Games funded the survey. There are different stereotypes about video games in different social groups. For example, the repeatedly refuted misconception that games make them violent or stupid is still popular among older “laymen,” but gamers don’t have to go far either: we tend to set up stereotypes along individual titles. The Fortnite community, for example, is often associated with toxic children communicating in an unqualified tone. But recent research by Israel’s Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology has now come to the conclusion. That Epic’s construction shooting at the level of psychology can have just the opposite effect on players. The publication “Fortnite Social Paradox: The Impact of Violent, Cooperative Multiplayer Video Games on Children’s Basic Psychological Needs and Prosocial Behavior” was publish on the platform of the long-establish scientific publisher, Elsevier. The authors examined the impact of Fortnite’s violent co-op and single game modes. On community behavior (e.g., friendliness) and violence, involving 845 children ages 9-12. The children were divide into several groups, and each receive $ 150 for participation. One group collaborated with comrades to murder Fortnite, while another played a peaceful, traditional pinball machine. The researchers found that members of the Fortnite team were ultimately more likely to sacrifice their time for others.

Or even donate money, than lone pinball players. What’s more surprising, however, is that the result was even more so when the behavior of Fortnite players playing alone was compare in pairs with pinball players. The study also showed that members of Fortnite groups reported more positive emotions overall.