Free skins for Overwatch is available for those who watch Contenders matches

It will be worth following the battle of the emerging titans within the Overwatch Contenders.

This year’s Overwatch League season is over, which means the Overwatch Contenders are really going to spin up now.

OWL Small TV hosts players who want to one day be among the big ones in the league. Green-eareds tend to spin exciting matches that are worth following anyway.

However, if the promise of gigantic battles didn’t convince, Blizzard had now thrown in several character skins as bait.

The first is a Genji skin pair that has both a Home and Away version. Both free to those looking at Overwatch Contenders matches. In the future, there will be 2 character views each month for a given hour of content consumption.

The October offer includes a Symmetra and a Mercy look, the former to watch 7 hours and the latter a 15-hour match. An important proviso is that the number of hours should be collected in one month by following live broadcasts. At the end of each month, the number of hours viewed drops to 0. So you can’t smuggle a few hours from one month to another. You can follow the matches on the Overwatch Contenders page, where you can also find the dates of the matches.