Cross-Platform play

Can apex legends be played cross platform?

For now, Respawn will make full interoperability available to Apex Legends players in beta.

During the otherwise rather boring and uninteresting EA Play Live, Electronic Arts announce that its still popular battle royal game. Apex Legends, will be release sometime this fall on Steam, Switch, and will be expand with cross-play support. So all players will be able to play together regardless of platform.

While the switches and steam versions still don’t have a release date. It’s already certain that we can try out cross-play for the first time on October 6th. At idle, the game will mix console players regardless of platform, but will not automatically put PCs between them.

In-game chat will already be live, but cross-platform development will not be support until the steam version is release (and you don’t know when this will happen). Parties with a mix of console and PC players will be entered into PC matches automatically. Respawn warns that those who will deactivate cross-play can expect longer charging times because they can only come across those who have also not enabled it. By the way, it seems from the wording that it won’t be possible to use a mouse and keyboard on a console. Even though both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are prepare for this and work perfectly, as Call of Duty: Warzone shows, for example.

Incidentally, on October 6, there will even be a Flashpoint mode. In which you can only recharge your life force and shield in certain zones, and the playing field will move continuously. Those who are susceptible to this can also hunt for new skins.