iPhone 13 news

Let’s see what is the iPhone 13 news today! On oru webshop page you can find the most exciting cases for your iPhone. All these phone cases are carefully selected for fans of the video games. Here is our portfolio the case for the Apple iPhone. Choose and find the one that suits you best […]

Mobile version of Valorant

Riot’s tactical shooting has been with us for a year, but the studio won’t stop at conquering the PC: the next will be the mobile version of Valorant It’s been a year since Riot Games ’shooting range, Valorant, whose development team is preparing a plethora of in-game events to celebrate the glorious occasio. The studio’s […]

You are tempted with three games now in the Epic games store, download them for free! It’s also okay if you’re not on a machine right now – once you’ve taped them to your library, you’ll pick them up when they fit!

Usually, the number of Epic games store gifts stops at two in the better weeks, even if they offer more to get someone who, due to his age, wouldn’t be able to play 18+ games yet. Now, however, we can hit three games right away. The first of these is an adventure game, Deponia: The […]

GameStop story – it’s going crazy

“Rather than retreating from the company’s over-valued shares, traders have embraced them with nihilistic exuberance.When I worked in high finance it was a running joke that day traders – small retail traders – were like beetles sifting through the dung of the big funds that truly drove the markets. They are in a weak position, […]