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  • Riot games made it!

    Valorant – we tried the Riot shooter and we’re totally there for it! We skinned for 3 days the FPS, formerly referred to only as Project A, which Riot is very confident about. There is a reason for this, because the game is already very promising. I’m a little sorry that the COVID-19 epidemic deprived […]

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  • Apex legends champions

    Reasons why Apex Legends is the best battle royale game!

    He arrived on the Battle Royale battlefield as the many, but Apex Legends also dragged those who had avoided the genre from a far. Apex Legends arrived as a care package from a clear sky two weeks ago, which has since been tried by tens of millions of players and which has been more and […]

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    Valorant gameplay is difficult, and not just thanks to its insanely accurate targeting system. In the closed beta version so far approx. It turned out to be wandering in two weeks, it’s more than a little annoying. LEARNING EXPERIENCE Valorant’s capabilities don’t make the game easier – in fact, they’re additional mechanics for in-game handling. […]

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  • Private: CS:GO skins

    This item features StatTrak™ technology, which tracks certain statistics when equipped by its owner. StatTrak™ is ostensibly a piece of technology that tracks the number of times an action was taken. In the case of weapons, it is the number of kills. In the case of the Music Kits, it is the number of times […]

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