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  • Knifes and snowballs await at the Valorant Christmas event

    The valorant christmas event: The time of year has come when everyone in online games can wear a Santa hat, the battlefields are flood with huge gift packages, and gingerbread figures are waving from the windows. This year, Valorant won’t be left out of the party either: to celebrate the holidays, the developers have dress […]

  • The Christmas event of Overwatch has started, we have also got a new game mode

    The Christmas event of Overwatch has started, we have also got a new game mode

    The current overwatch winter wonderland event arrived on a regular basis, and with it came new looks, cosmetic little things, and recurring play modes. Overwatch has dressed in festive mockery with this week’s update. The overwatch winter wonderland 2020 brought back the old Christmas character looks, updated the set with a few new pieces. Brought […]

  • game play

    Are you have Valorant fps drop problems?

    According to a report by Riot Games, it very much seems that, albeit indirectly, the coronavirus may be behind the fps drop. Users of online games can be thoroughly annoyed if, for whatever reason, ping creeps into the skies and the fps drop ruins the gaming experience. This phenomenon is also becoming more common in […]

  • pubg season 10

    Season 10 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brings a new level

    pubg season 10: Haven will be the smallest battlefield in the PUBG, but also much denser at the same time. Join the battle in the real life also. Here is one helmet for you! While there use to be a time when millions of players play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam at the same time. It […]